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APT Valle del Chiese

The Valle del Chiese is an exhilarating location with a variety of landscapes. Its two extremes, ranging from 200 metres to 3,400 metres above sea level, pass through cultivated fields and a rural atmosphere to reach the eternal ice and alpine peaks.
This is a world made of forests, waterfalls, cabins and Alpine meadows but also human settlements that still respect the environment, which in Valle del Chiese is truly paramount.
This area is the Gateway to the Trentino for those coming from the southwest and, with its forests, historic villages, and mountains, is a land that is able to convey great authenticity through its people, traditional products, lush nature and the emotions it can inspire.


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Valle del Chiese and nature. With this combination, the Trentino valley, which is crossed by the Chiese River,  offers a wide range of opportunities to everyone who loves the mountains whether they are the snow-covered peaks of the Adamello Glacier, the theatre of the White War in Trentino, or its Alpine Lakes, including Lake Idro.

The Daone Valley especially demonstrates this combination of nature and discovery with its lush flora and fauna. It is decorated by the forests and the cornfields that are used to create the Storo yellow flour. The Chiese River and its 140 plus waterfalls dot the entire valley.

In short, it is a spectacle for those who love nature, clean air and mountains.


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