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Du Lac Vital Mountain Hotel

A well-maintained and comfortable atmosphere, a spacious and bright space, graciousness, and warm familiarity place us amongst the best hotels in the Brenta Dolomites.

Our rooms and suites, a large bright dining room, and the atrium are tastefully furnished in the style of the Tyrolean Alps; the traditional amber colour of the wood matches perfectly with the character, warmth and elegance of the hotel. The English garden and the splendid heated swimming pool will provide the moments of relaxation and serenity you seek—throughout the entirety of your stay.

hotel du lac

A charming corner of quietness

Comfortably lying on the couch, relax and enjoy the majestic view of the Brenta Group, our mountains. Let you caress of the water in our heated pool, feel light and free. We treat with care all that surrounds you, the beds of roses, of mountain pine, the hedges of lugustro, the lawn; nature does the rest.

Personalized SHIATSU treatment (even in the pool) Good health has beneficial effects on the entire quality of life. The collaboration with Mattia gave birth to the idea of offering our guests the experience of shiatsu treatment. The Japanese word Shiatsu means Shi "fingers" and atsu "pressure". Traditionally it consists of pressure of the thumbs, hands and occasionally of the elbows and knees, along precise routes and points, combined with stretching techniques of the limbs and mobilization of the joints. The aim is to enable the free circulation of chi, the vital energy.

Hotel Du Lac


Hotel Du Lac

Via Nazionale, 4
38018 Molveno (TN)
tel. + 39 0461 586965
fax + 39 0461 586247
referent: Paolo e Marisa Cornella


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